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Clinique La Prairie Madrid
Clinique La Prairie Madrid

Clinique La Prairie - Aesthetics & Longevity in Madrid

Clinique La Prairie is synonymous with harmony and balance between beauty, health, well-being and longevity. The clinic was founded nine decades ago in Montreux-Clarens, in a dream setting on the shores of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Swiss Alps. It is a pioneer in longevity, slowing aging and helping people to live a fuller, healthier and longer life with a holistic approach to preventive medicine, based on exceptional medical diagnostics, science, nutrition, well-being and movement, combined with luxury hospitality. In 2020, Clinique La Prairie went one step further with the opening of its first center outside of Switzerland: in Madrid.

With a superb 600-square-meter space, dedicated entirely to well-being in an elegant and welcoming environment, the Aesthetics & Longevity center combines Clinique La Prairie's expertise in anti-aging research with the most innovative medical methodology and a next-generation medical/aesthetic/nutritional approach to longevity.

Its mission is to offer personalized, tailor-made treatments that provide lasting and effective results, focused on regeneration and the latest scientifically proven medical technologies.

Clinique La Prairie is a guardian of the secret of life.