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Our story

The secret of how to live a longer, healthier and fuller life can be a mystery to many, but not to us.

Since in 1931, when Dr. Paul Niehans developed a cell therapy to delay the aging process with spectacular results, Clinique La Prairie has been a pioneer in the field of longevity. Over this time, the company's exclusive clientele have come to Montreux, Switzerland, to experience this pioneering fusion of science and comprehensive wellness, combined with luxury Swiss hospitality.

The Clinique La Prairie Medical Center offers a fabulous range of experiences and has more than 50 top-notch medical specialists who are dedicated to ensuring that patients enjoy a longer and healthier life. All of the clinic's programs are based on the four cornerstones of longevity: MEDICAL CARE, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT AND WELL-BEING, which work together as a whole to promote energy production and cell growth. The center's carefully selected doctors and therapists personally supervise the philosophy and science on which its programs are based. It strives to achieve perfection every day, with the highest level of detail, and thus offers the most exclusive experience.

The Clinique La Prairie Medicinal SPA in Montreux is a unique place dedicated to beauty, rejuvenation and well-being that has been renowned as the best in the world for many years.


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