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Consulta de nutrición
Consulta de nutrición


Each person is unique, and their diet should be too!

Our approach

Nutrition is key to a healthy life: at Clinique La Prairie Madrid, we believe that the anti-inflammatory diet, one of the most powerful strategies to increase longevity, should be the basis of all lifestyle changes. Through our consultations we will help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals in a personalized, sustainable, and practical way.

Our tailored nutritional interventions address the most specific needs of the patient while promoting neuroprotection, stimulating the body's energy and enjoyment of a healthy diet.

Each person is unique, and their diet should be too!

The nutrition consultation includes:


- Analysis of anthropometric characteristics and body composition through bioelectric impedance (segmental multi-frequency) to quantify fat, fat free mass, hydration level, sarcopenia index, muscle quality, body minerals and other values.

- Evaluation of the health and nutritional status of the patient and his/her eating habits.

- Planning and design of the appropriate diet with nutritional advice.

Depending on the analysis of the nutrition and dietician specialist, a medical consultation could be directed, or extra studies such as:

- Clinical analysis.
- Nutrigenetic studies.
- Studies of allergies and food intolerances.

After a first consultation, the nutritionist will organize a follow-up visit after 15 days to evaluate the results of the diet and adapt the guidelines if necessary.